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Flash Storage Solutions

  • Independent research and development Controller, enables highest reliability and data security with functions of AES encryption and one-key physical destruction.
  • Powerful ECC capability and exclusive Non-Balance Wear Leveling TechnologyTM, extended lifespan of NAND Flash and improved data retention.
  • Unique No TRIM-Full Speed technology ensures Renice SSDs maintain stable performance.
  • Customized functions like Physical destruction, Logical destruction, AES encryption can meet the requirements of various high-end applications.
  • The industrial grade materials and strict production process ensure low defects and extended longevity and wide temperature range.

Industrial Computer

  • Strong integration performance, high stability and rich interface, suitable for all kinds of computing center of compatible industrial computer and industrial computer.
  • High performance computing capability and high speed real-time bus.
  • Support air-cooled and conductive cooled.
  • Extend Operation Temperature: -40°C~+55°C.


Based on Xlinx, Altera, we provide customized development on FPGA DSP board, wireless communication board and image processing board. Highly fits customer’s requirement of ADC/DAC rate conversion, resolution and channels count.


Renice products are widely used in data acquisition, calculation and storage, covering industrial information equipment, rail transit, industrial control and other industries, and covering aerospace, shipping, electronics and other industrial fields. For special environment applications to provide security encryption, special power protection, physical destruction and other storage solutions, to maximize the need to meet.

Our History
Delelopment Team

We establish our own SSD controller development & Firmware support since 2011. Up to now, there are more than 50 R&D personnels in Renice.

Independent R&D SSD Controller

Renice has released 3 self-developed industrial grade controllers, two for SATA SSD(RS2129-IT for SATA II, RS3502-IT for SATA III) and one for USB3.0 SSD(U3137-IT).

Independent R&D Nand Flash Tester

Renice released NFA100-E (for R&D) & NFA100 (for MP) Nand Flash analyzer system, it supports the newest process of mainsteam NAND and those unconventional packaged NAND.

Certified Supplier

Renice has become a certified supplier for many well-known brands and continues to provide high quality services.

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