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Renice® Industry Solution


Better and Safer Driving Experience.

<Instant power failure protection>

In-vehicle Solutions

With rapid development of the automobile industry, the number of electronic control units in the cars have growth dramatically. Till now, the consumer cars are completely electronical from the transmission system and emissions to door locks, climate control and suspension system. Cars are not simply mechanical engines but closely related to everyone’s safety, which bring strict requirement of extremely high stability and reliability of on-board storage devices.

Vehicles operate in various unimaginable environments. In addition to considering the requirements of performance, cost and capacity, the on-board storage devices must be able to meet vehicle-level standards to ensure the stability, durability and reliability in harsh driving situation, such as uncertain changeable temperature, high shock and the electromagnetic interference from environment and other onboard systems.


Fleet Management System

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Onboard Surveillance System

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Onboard Data Loggers

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Unstable Power-supply in vehicles

The abnormal power failure will cause problems such as blue screen, disk corrupt, even crush of the entire systems.

Temperatures affecting in vehicle systems

Extreme temperatures and constant thermal cycling can cause damage and reduce products lifespan

Complex running environment

The unimaginable operating environment can easily caused in-vehicle systems’failure,increased the risk of traffic crash or even more to life safety.

Case Study

Customer's problem

A European manufacturer of in-vehicle data acquisition systems contacted RENICE, hoping to work out a reliable solution for their new product. The customer’s platform system includes 4 high speed SATA interface, needs to process huge data transmission everyday, and asks minimum total 8TB capacity for each system.

They emphasized the stored data is vital to passenger and traffic safety, besides considering the vibration resistant and great temperature tolerance, the solution must be ensuring date integrity in any situation.

Renice Analysis

Considering the heavy workload behavior, RENICE team provides industrial 2TB MLC disk with around 3,720 TBW for customer. The vehicle-standard conformal coating processing allows the disk is resistant to humidity, dust and chemical damages.

Furthermore, to 100% ensure the data integrity in any situation, the solution features RENICE exclusive r-Backup technology, equipped with industrial-grade capacitors, power management circuit and related firmware support, perfectly meet the requirements of customer for real-time monitoring.

Self-developed Patented Technology

RENICE exclusive r-Backup technology utilize the firmware and hardware design, further improved the shortages in most of existing power-failure protection design based on built-in power detection circuit. In case of abnormal power voltage detected, the r-Backup mechanism actives and prevent the incomplete data from being recorded and corrupting valid data on the disk.

Ultra Wide Temprature Shock Test: -50°C~+90°C

All in-vehicle storage devices are strictly tested under ultra wide temperature shock cycles from -50°C to +90°C for 72 hours. Coupled with thermal adaptive technoloy, the disks are enable to tolerate various unpredicatable demanding environment.

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