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Renice® Industry Solution

Maritime Navigation.

Helping ships sail into Deep Blue

<Customized anti-corrosion technology>

Maritime solutions

The development achievements of modern science and technology have made great progress in navigation technology. Nowadays, more industries have been successfully applied in maritime, including Information science & computer technology, electronic technology, communication technology, space satellite technology, etc.

Meanwhile, the requirements for data storage are constantly rising. However, the ocean is full of uncertainty, which brings inconvenience to marine operations.


Marine Data Recording System

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Resistance to Humidity

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Data stability

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Highly Demanding Environment

The harsh environment, like high temperature, high humidity, high salinity and a large number of corrosive particles in the ocean, can easily cause thermal corrosion failure of equipment.

Data Security in Maritime Accidents

In the event of a maritime accident occurs, the recorded data plays an irreplaceable role in analyzing the cause of the accident and determining maritime liability. The system can accurately analyze maritime causes, divide accident responsibilities, and improve the level of maritime rescue.

Case Study

Customer's problem

The conventional storage products on the market are difficult to match the customer’s needs, that a customized exclusive product is demanded.

In addition, they emphasized the relative humidity of the ocean is very high, the disk needs strong corrosion resistance.

Customized Requirements

Capacity 64GB
Total Written Data 60TB
Write Speed Around 28MB/s
Operating Temperature -20 to 80C
Writing cycles / year 185/year
Lifetime 8years
Size Half-slim
Renice Analysis

The SSD needs to be used for 8 years and fully written for 185 cycles per year. RENICE TEAM recommends an industrial-grade MLC solution with 3000 P/E cycle.

Considering the harsh maritime environment, the disk is treated with military-grade conformal coating process. It creates an environmentally friendly seal, prevents moisture and corrosion, promotes high temperature resistance, strengthen strong adhesion with onboard components, maintains low shrinkage, and provides thermal conductivity.

Renice® Solution

Perfect Performance

RENICE Half-Slim SSD complies with the JEDECMO-297 specification in terms of interface and size, which is suitable for a variety of applications in high shock and vibration environments.

With SATAIII 6.0Gbps interface, it delivers up to 520MB/440MB/s read and write performance. Equipped with 512MB DDR3 cache, adopted SLC/MLC NAND flash memory technology and unique firmware architecture, it utmost improves the bandwidth limit of SATAIII.

Top-quality craftsmanship: Conformal Coating

Conformal coating enhances the stability of the product in harsh ocean environments such as high humidity & high temperature, and it prolongs its life.

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