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About Renice

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Company Introduction:

Renice Technology locates in Kexing Science Park in Nanshan Technology Park zone, and as far has been certificated as National High-Tech Enterprises and National Double-Soft Enterprise.

Since the establishment, Renice has been focusing on the development and manufacture of Solid-state drive solutions with high performance and reliability, and till now has accumulated strong technical supporting ability and rich experience in automation, aviation, marine, military, automotive, medical and enterprise storage areas. Renice is now recognized as one of the most professional manufacturer of industrial and military level SSD in Solid-state drive industry.

As a customer-driven enterprise, Renice has put great effort to master the core technology-the SSD drive controller. By far, Renice has developed one native USB3.0 SSD drive controller and one SATA 2 SSD drive controller. Based on these self-developed SSD drive controller and firmware technology, Renice is able to provide storage solutions meeting the unique requirements of high-end applications, especially mission critical ones, such as wide operating Temp., data encryption, secure erase, high R/W, large capacity and long-term supply with fixed BOM. Besides, clients find it easier and better to find customized solutions for special applications from Renice.

Core Technology:

Native USB3.0 SSD Controller Chipset

In July, 2012, Renice released the world first native USB3.0 SSD drive based on own developed USB3.0 Controller U3137. With compact package, U3 SSD delivers functions such as AES encryption, Power Failure Protection, Write Protection, Secure Erase and wide Operation Temperature range.

SATA 3 SSD Controller Chipset

Renice SATA 3 controller is able to support capacity upto 2TB. With built-in DuraECC technology, this controller is able to expand the lifespan to 2 times of other common solutions, and to improve the Data Retention of SSD about 5 years longer than common ones.

SSD SATA 3 based on Renice own SATA 3 controller delivers AES 256Bit Encryption, options for Secure Erase and power failure protection, which all together make it perfect storage solution for enterprise application and automotive segments.

Renice SATAIII Controller

NFA100 NAND Flash Analyzer

NFA100 is a powerful while easy-to-use NAND analysis kit, which is able to satisfy users’ requests to obtain basic raw info of NAND and to reprocess these information. It is approved to be a perfect kit for professional users who develop NAND flash based products.

NFA100 provides users with completely open platform to enable customized test items as per users’ request. And it provides 2 different levels of user development platforms.

NAND Flash Analyzer

Storage Card Series     

For clients who concern more about high reliability and performance, Renice provides storage cards series including PCI-e Solid-state drive supporting NVMe, VPX Solid-state drive, PXIe Solid-state drive, SRIO Solid-state drive and LVDS Solid-state drive. These solutions all deliver very high performance and low latency. Meanwhile, so as to guarantees the data integrity to max extent, Renice Storage Cards provides HOST to device protections for data such as ECC verification of DDR, AES 256Bit encryption, Power Failure Protect and endurance across wide operation temperature range.


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