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NFA100 NAND Batch Test System

NFA100 is able to test up to 128PCs of NAND Flash at the same time. Besides all functions that NFA100-E has, NFA100 is equipped with high-low temperature chamber so that users are able to make high-low temp. cycle test, humidity and thermal shock test.NFA100 is also equipped with mechanical arm for automated loading or unloading of NAND Flash. It can repack the memory chips after performing the necessary tests, which avoids affection caused by manual work or ESD.NFA100 supports automated save of all test results, which can be remotedly tracked and reviewed. With NFA100 users are able to grade NAND Flashes according to various demand on reliability. 

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NFA100 is main developed for users as below:

1. Users that require test statistics of NAND Flash in higher accuracy. With sufficient quantity of samples under mass testing, it can derive NAND Flash parameters at batch or model level. This is very important for durability and reliability of products. Meanwhile, NAND Flash's performance under common temperature varies from that under extreme temperatures. So with NFA100 users are able to implement tests under high-low temperature to confirm the proper tolerance of controller's specification.    

2. Users that need to make massive sorting on NAND for special purpose. Solid-State Drive consists of pieces of NAND Flash, while the reliability is determined by the weakest NAND on board instead of good ones. Thus SSD's reliability depends critically on consistent reliability of all NAND Flashes. NFA100 is just very good at this job, to sort the best and imcompetent out of batches of NAND flash. For example, NFA100 is able to tell the real lifespan (not the data stated on Data Sheet) of NAND flash by simply measure P/E Cycle. 

3. Users that want to avoid deviation on test outcomes caused by manual work or ESD.

4. Users that need to make remote control of test devices, or who want to make automatic archival or real-time sharing of test outcomes within organizations.  

Brief Introduction

NFA100 deploys distributed architecture, with each sub-board embedded with NAND Flash controller. Then parts of the test do not take up host resources, which lead to higher operating speed.

Design Spec: Program Throughput: up to 1GB/s

                    Read Throughput: up to 1.5GB/s

NFA100 supports measurement of all mainstream 1xnm MLC/SLC/TLC NAND flash, even 3D Nand.

支持1x纳米及3D Nand的测试

NFA100 is able to test 128PCs of NAND Flash maximally.

Nand Flash批量测试设备

NFA100 is able to set 4 types of ECC as test conditions, to help users judge what ECC capability is required. Users can also set the interval time between program and erase when doing P/E cycles.

Before P/E Cycle test, users are able to make Pattern Settings on Page and Block, or even to customize the Pattern.

Nand Flash 测试Pattern

NFA100 enables users to choose which Pages are going to be tested and which are not.

Besides ready-made settings, NFA100-E also delivers Script Generator, based on which users can define test parameters by themselves.

通过脚本测试Nand Flash

NFA100 delivers 2 levels of open developing platform for users to design test items as per own request..

 1. API

By different operations or settings of NAND Flash in API, users are able to call programs from NFA100-E's library to customize the tests.

2. Script

NFA100-E provides own programming language allowing clients to run custom script.

Send commands to NAND Flash:

Support special commands undisclosed by NAND manufacturer, such as Any Command:

Nand Flash任意命令测试

RBER (Raw-Bit Error Rate) and UBER (Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate) Measurement:


Operation Time Measurement. Output helps users to analyze the distribution of the Upper Page and Lower Page:



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