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Renice Latest Highly Reliable X9 Series SSD

Date:2015-06-10   Tag:X9 SATAIII SSD   Source:Renice Technology


There has been major outbreak of disk alteration by Trojans that lead to the escalation for security of information and related products that can ensure data security is booming rapidly under national top priority. For SSD being the physical storage device can warrant security against such Trojans treat.

Driven by demand at national level, Renice hereby announces the latest X9 series SSD with our very own controller (RS3502-IT) for SATAIII at industrial operating grade. In addition, it has also been tested to fit local PC with LoongSon CPU and corresponding NeoKylin operating system.

LoongSon Notebook

RS3502-IT is Renice third proprietary SATAIII SSD controller announced recently and it is our best own-developed chip so far from reliability perspective after years of technology accumulation as well as requirement trend gathered from our over 3000 global clients. The first was RS2129-IT SATAII SSD controller released in 2012 while next in the same year was U3137-IT native USB3.0 SSD controller.

Renice X9 series SSD can be viewed as a revolutionary one from technology breakthrough point of view. Coupled with special firmware optimization aside the customized hardware, it can provide near 20 folds of total write capacity against those similar market offering. Beside above, Renice could extend our SSD life for at least 3 folds just with techniques as virtual technology, mapping and NAND flash life optimization.

“ICs are now competing at global level and as such technology competitiveness should be likewise. Localization will still require global perspective in order for a genuine good product to compete against the global leading companies.” By Renice President, Eric Chu.

The importance of disk reliability could only be felt when one experience data lost in person and SSD reliability can be demonstrated in

1. During sudden power failure, the SSD cannot be recognized during restart. In fundamental, the main reason for such will be the SSD mapping table not being saved in time. The function of mapping table is to allow matching of operating system’s logical address against the SSD physical address. Once the mapping table is lost, there will not be any address match and the operating system does not see the SSD existence in return and similarly the data stored as well. On the other hand, it is common for SSD to store data in cache temporarily to enhance its read and write speed. However the temporary cache data will be lost during power failure if there is no corresponding design for the SSD handling.

2. Durability is one of SSD key requirement and there are many possible factors that could affect the SSD. For example, is there any design for power failure or surge protection, are the NAND flash original and have they been re-screened for reliability. Some consumer grade SSD may demonstrate massive storage bad blocks after several power failure and experience high power consumption or even malfunction. This is mainly due to the lack of power failure protection design and resulted in bad block generation that increases power consumption leading to possible malfunction or total data lost.


X9 series 2.5” SATAIII SSD complies with MIL-STD-810F for high reliability application in high-speed storage solution with the power of MLC / SLC NAND flash to achieve its highest capacity at 2048GB. With a good FTL algorithm, X9 series greatly satisfy the key mission of storage high stability and durability. Meanwhile, the power surge and failure protection function, customizable AES encryption and secure erase mode have make it best choice for critical application storage solution.

Beside, X9 series also provide a rich set of software bundled tools for life monitoring, data recovery, fault analysis, special commands to turn off function AES encryption or wear leveling balancing. For users with special application requirements, they can conveniently realize them with this tool bundling which will not be provided typically from general market provider.


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