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Renice SSD provide help for security of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Date:2014-06-13   Tag:Renice   Source:Renice

As an industrial & military grade SSD manufacturer, Renice is honored to cooperate with a partner who are providing devices, which include Renice SSD, for airborne security of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. This partner’s devices will be used in 36 security helicopters securing 12 football stadiums over 12 cities in Brazil.

In the specific application, Renice X5 1.8” PATA ZIF 256GB industrial grade SSD will be used to store precision GPS-based moving maps, mission telemetry data and videos.


Such aviation application usually means harsh environment and high requirement on data security, which accordingly raise high requests on SSD.

1. Anti-vibration, Anti-shock.
2. Wide Operating Temp. Range (-40℃ ~ +85℃).
3. High capacity, plus high performance.
4. Excellent reliability and durability.

Renice has been able to deliver a high end SSD solution that meets with all above specifications. 
This is ensured by the strict management over all sections including development, DVT, production and out-going test. Since being chosen as the solo industrial level SSD supplier for this partner’s helicopter devices in 2011, Renice has never receive any RMA case report from this partner.

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